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Welcome to the web-pages of the project  »CROSSRISK, Public warnings – reducing rain and snowfall related risks /« where three years seven project partners will be occupied with collecting the data and the development of new methods for forwarding cross‑border harmonised information about precipitations and snow cover.

One of the key challenges in the SI-AT programme region are hazards, related to rain and snow because they influence on the numerous of activities in both countries. Through the project we pool expertise and foster joint development in the field of forecast and warning to improve safety of population and to better protect infrastructure. In addition, tourism will be supported by raising awareness of opportunities and risks, e.g., by improved communication of safety information for the alpine cross-border users and visitors of this area.

Major project outputs are improved forecasts and warnings concerning rain, floods and snow, their cross-border harmonisation and the improvement of their comprehensibility, availability and dissemination. In addition, the information flow between relevant and interested institutions in both countries will be improved and the qualification of their experts will be raised.